Ocean Hiker Offshore Thailand to Cambodia

Offshore Sailing Thailand to Cambodia Overview Sailing Thailand to Cambodia Sailing from south Thailand to Cambodia means crossing the Gulf of Thailand and is a 8 to 10 day sailing adventure from Ko Samui to Sihanouk ville and back to Ko Samui. During this passage you will collect as much as 600 NM. The offshore […]

How the yacht sails

Sailing Course Thailand Points of sail – sailing course Thailand Boats can sail in almost any direction except straight towards the wind. Sails harness the force of the wind so that the speed of the airflow against the sail provides lift. As with an aero plane wing, the combination of increased air pressure on the […]

Rope, knots and splicing

Rope work, knots and splicing in our sailing course Sailing Course Rope material Nowadays we have laid, plaited and braided ropes which can be made from natural fibers, Nylon, Polyester or Polypropylene. Keep synthetic ropes out of sunlight if not used, away from any corrosive chemicals and avoid chafe and you will have them for a long […]