Ocean Hiker Offshore Thailand to Cambodia

Offshore Sailing Thailand to Cambodia

Overview Sailing Thailand to Cambodia

Sailing from south Thailand to Cambodia means crossing the Gulf of Thailand and is a 8 to 10 day sailing adventure from Ko Samui to Sihanouk ville and back to Ko Samui. During this passage you will collect as much as 600 NM.

The offshore sailing experience from Thailand to Cambodia and back is only possible during the month of October and November whilst the transition from the south west to the north east monsoon is taking place. The next Thailand to Cambodia passages would be possible around March and April when the transition is changing again to south west monsoon.

Prices starting at 39.900 THB

Offshore sailing Thailand to Cambodia

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During this transition the wind will be northerly or in March southerly and provides a perfect point of sail to sail from west to east and back. This offshore Sailing Thailand to Cambodia experience starts on Koh Tao were the crew or students will be incorporated into all necessary preparation for this passage. Therefore the maximum 4 crew members have to check in three days before departure. The actual  offshore passage from Ko Samui to Sihanoukville will take about 3-4 days depending on weather.

During this offshore Sailing Thailand to Cambodia passage we will cover around 300 nautical miles for one way or more than 600 NM two ways which makes this program as well a good option for mile builders or certified sailors who want to collect ocean sailing experience. This program will give experience including all preparation from provisioning to running the yacht in a shift system 24 hours a day.

You will achieve as well a inside experience into the logistics of clearing in and out, in this case on the Thai and Cambodian boarders since regulations vary greatly between countries. To take part on one of this offshore Sailing Thailand to Cambodia passages you will need to apply for an Cambodian Visa in advance.

Once in Cambodia we will take the opportunity to explore some of the truly unspoiled islands and beaches, re provision the yacht before sailing back to Thailand. The duration of the program will be maximum 10 days.

Map of  Gulf  Sailing Thailand to Cambodia

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What will you learn during our passage

During this 3 to 4 day Sailing Thailand to Cambodia offshore passage of 300 nautical miles you will be 24 hours aboard the sailing yacht. We will create shifts of maximum 2 crew and 1 Skipper. You will be on watch, on the helm, on stand by or sleeping depending of the shift during this passage as on real blue water passages while crossing seas or oceans. Here you will find out if ocean sailing is really your cup of tea or if you rather stay close to shore and prefer having every night a sheltered anchorage.

For a mile builder this Sailing Thailand to Cambodia can get you additional experience an miles necessary to continue your sailing career to get prepared for the next level of certification or just for the build up of confidence for your very own passage on your own yacht. On the Sailing Thailand to Cambodia passage all crew members will have to share the available bunks aboard depending on your shift.

What do you need

To take part in this Sailing Thailand to Cambodia  passage we expect you to have a minimum experience level of a Competent Crew. If you are not a competent crew yet we can arrange a competent crew course on Ko Tao before the Sailing Thailand to Cambodia Passage.

Sailing Thailand to Cambodia and back Passage (600 NM)

Price for 1 person 39.000 Thai Baht
Price for 2 person couple discount 59.500 Thai Baht
Price for 4 person group discount 109.000 Thai Baht
Price for  2 person exclusive private Charter to Cambodia  85.000 Thai Baht

Prices are subject to 7% VAT

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