Competent Crew Course Tao / Lipe

5 day Ocean Hiker Competent Crew Sailing Course Koh Tao or Ko Lipe

competent crew course Koh TaoIn our 5 day ocean hiker sailing course Koh Tao we will have daily practical sailing sessions aboard the sailing Yacht Yun Khan just off the island Koh Tao. You will have to plan to be around for five to six hours a day. Academics will be incorporated in this session. The departure times can vary depending on weather conditions and training goals.  You will need to find accommodation on the island for at least 5 nights and will provide food and beverages yourself.

Price: 19.900 THB

What will you learn during the sailing course Koh Tao?

The syllabus of the Ocean Hiker Competent Crew Sailing Course Koh Tao can be found here.

What will you get?

Sailing Course Koh Tao certificationIn the beginning of the sailing course Koh Tao we supply you with a competent crew sailing course book to study, a rope to train a few important knots and splicing. We can guarantee a build up of confidence at sea by being 5 days aboard the sailing yacht and collecting over the 5 day sailing course Koh Tao a minimum of 100 nautical Miles. Further you will take part in a night sail of minimum 4 hours. You will broaden your maritime knowledge throughout our 5 theory lessons. After completion you will receive a Ocean Hiker Competent Crew Card on which is as well stated what training you have done equivalent to the RYA Competent Crew Certificate .

What does it cost?

The 5 day ocean hiker sailing course can be booked for one person or for groups with extra discounts if you are traveling with your friends.

5 Day Ocean Hiker Competent Crew Sailing Course Koh Tao / Ko Lipe

1 person 19.900 Thai Baht
Prices are subject to 7% VAT

When to start?

Fill out the form below, give us your maximum period of stay on Koh Tao or Ko Lipe by using the date picker and we will get back to you by e-mail with our sailing course schedule. Once we could agree on a date you will have to pay a down payment to confirm your booking.

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How to pay

The sailing course Koh Tao can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal.

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10 Responses to “Competent Crew Course Tao / Lipe”

  • Comment from Patricia Hara


  • Comment from Marc Guy

    Hi from BKK, since your rates are quite steep for SE Asia please allow me some questions.
    Who are you and what kind of background, formation and experience entitles you to teach newbies to become documented salty dogs?
    Your’s truly Marc

  • Comment from admin

    Hi Marc,

    thanks for your comment. Now to your questions.

    Ocean Hiker Sailing School Thailand is a sub division of Island Cruises Co., Ltd., a yacht charter company located on the island Ko Tao. The founder and staff of this company are experienced cruising sailors sailing the seas of the planet. We are accredited with Australian, German and Thai maritime licenses.

    The price of our competent crew course is by far not steep comparing them with sailing course prices i.e. in Phuket.
    Spending 5000 TB per day on a Live aboard sailing course including food, accommodation and certification is rather a permanent special offer. Even though, some times we do have last minute offers for vacancies aboard with 20% discount. Check out: there is currently a live aboard sailing course available in mid December were you could get it all for less than 4000 TB a day. This means sailing yacht charter, sailing tuition plus food and accommodation and a quick stint into the Ang Thong marine park for less than a 100 Euro a day. Any questions??
    If you really know some place which offers this kind of sailing package cheaper please be so kind an let me know.

    Anyhow, I truly hope to see you down here on Koh Tao one day to join our Ocean Hiker sailing course.

    Greetings Sash
    Ocean Hiker Team

  • Comment from Meike


    what is the best/worst time for a sailing course in Koh Tao?
    And is the certificate internationally recognized i.e. equivalent to the RYA Competent Crew Member or similar?

    Many thanks!


  • Comment from admin

    Hi Maike,

    best or worst times are hard to determine in advance. We operating throughout the year except when the yacht needs to get out of the water for a few weeks or when it is full on rainy season in the Gulf like in November. Check out for more detailed information the Windfinder statistics.

    Our Ocean Hiker Sailing Course certificate is internationally recognized and equivalent to the RYA Competent Crew Course. You may continue your sailing career with any other sailing association since we fulfill the same standards.

    Hope to see you sailing with us.


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  • Comment from Elizabeth

    I am an graduate student. I am looking to take up different courses this summer. I saw this blog and cannot wait to enroll for this competent crew course. Is there any age limit for this course? My father has built a sail boat and I want to sail it one day.

  • Comment from Barnes Ashley

    This is a very different and interesting course. I want to enroll my daughter in this course. She is going to 10th grade next year. Do you think this would be the right age to enroll her? Your reply is appreciated.

  • Comment from admin

    Hi Ashley, definitely, 10th grade students bring enough responsibility to be engaged in boating or sailing activities. Our Competent Crew Course is a beginner course so there are no prerequisites. Please contact us again to enroll. We are looking forward to sail with your daughter. Greetings Sash/Skipper and Instructor

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