Competent Crew Course

Ocean Hiker Competent Crew Course

This Ocean Hiker Course is a competent crew sailing course, the start for everyone to sail a yacht. This  Sailing Course follows the international standards for competent crew courses as you can find with the RYA, IYT or ISA. Our approach of teaching is based on our very own blue water sailing experience. We added a few extra skills to the international minimum standards for this level, in our view important to any crew on an ocean passage. We are not only mentioning during the Ocean Hiker / Competent Crew Course that there are marine VHF radios aboard any ocean going sailing yacht, we already introduce at this level the basics how to work it. Competent Crew Course Splicing as part of the sailing course Thailand Ko TaoIt does not mean that we depreciate available licenses within the maritime world but we know that knowledge and skills are essential for survival. We also include at this sailing course level the splicing of ropes which always becomes a handy skill for any yachtsman. Every Charter Yacht  appreciates a crew with a broad maritime background and a bag full of skills.

Check out our different course combinations of our sailing school to see what would suite you best. Our sailing lessons are taught by experienced cruising sailors, the yachts are ocean going vessels to undertake passage making or ocean crossings.

Our goal is to create a truly competent crew with a maximum of practical training within our five day sailing classes. We recommend 24/aboard.

Competent Crew Course online

We offer a e-learning sailing school here on this site too. You can start taking sailing classes by studying online before actually getting to the practical part of the course.

Have a look at the online section of the sailing school and get a taste what we are going to learn.

Online study sailing course

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We offer different sailing lessons and courses in terms of time and location still following the same syllabus.

Our competent crew course can start from Koh Tao / Thailand.

During the north east monsoon from November  to March. competent crew courses starting as well from Ko Lipe.

The live-aboard course and the Koh Tao based course are covering the same training syllabus and only vary in the achievement of mileage and actual time aboard.

If you haven’t been sailing in the Gulf of Thailand yet, a live aboard competent crew course with us can implement the beautiful archipelago of the Angthong national marine park as an extra travel high light and will give you the confidence of being able to handle a sailing yacht.

Competent Crew Course Tao / Lipe

5 day Ocean Hiker Competent Crew Sailing Course Koh Tao or Ko Lipe

competent crew course Koh TaoIn our 5 day ocean hiker sailing course Koh Tao we will have daily practical sailing sessions aboard the sailing Yacht Yun Khan just off the island Koh Tao. You will have to plan to be around for five to six hours a day. Academics will be incorporated in this session. The departure times can vary depending on weather conditions and training goals.  You will need to find accommodation on the island for at least 5 nights and will provide food and beverages yourself.

Price: 19.900 THB

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Competent Crew Course Liveaboard

5 day 4 night Ocean Hiker live aboard Sailing Course Thailand

Ocean Hiker Sailing Yacht -Sailing Course ThailandThis sailing course Thailand combination will take you through the whole Ocean Hiker sailing course Thailand in 5 days. You will stay on board the Sailing Yacht as you would when doing a real passage. The idea of this combination is to get the true off shore feeling by being five full days aboard and cruising to the surrounding islands here in the Gulf of Thailand which are between 25 and 40 nautical miles distance away from each other. Where we are heading will be depend on the weather. We will apply as well shift rules as it is necessary when the yacht is sailing 24 hours a day. All responsibilities a board from sailing to cooking and cleaning will be shared between the crew/students and the skipper/instructor. At least on one of the four nights we will keep sailing for at least 4 hours as the Competent Crew standards require. Price: 29.000 THB

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Competent Crew Course Angthong

5 day sailing course plus 3 day cruise to Angthong marine park

Sailing CourseThis course combination will take you through the whole Ocean Hiker sailing course Angthong in 5 days by attending every day 5 hour sailing sessions of the coast of Koh Tao. After completing the 5 days we will embark on a 3 day cruise to the Angthong national marine park. On the first day the target is to sail from Koh Tao to Koh Wua Talap, the only inhabited island and the home of the marine park rangers. This passage is 35 nautical from Koh Tao. During this cruise you have the chance to apply your freshly gained knowledge. On Koh Wua Talap tents will be ready prepared for.

On the second day exploration of the marine park is on the agenda. The viewpoint on Koh Wua Talap, the Bua Boke Cave, the inner lake on Koh Mae Koh, and the secret cave on Koh Ngam.

On the third day we set sails again to sail back to Koh Tao where we will arrive in the late afternoon.

Prices starting at: 34.900 THB

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Ocean Hiker Offshore Thailand to Cambodia

Offshore Sailing Thailand to Cambodia

Overview Sailing Thailand to Cambodia

Sailing from south Thailand to Cambodia means crossing the Gulf of Thailand and is a 8 to 10 day sailing adventure from Ko Samui to Sihanouk ville and back to Ko Samui. During this passage you will collect as much as 600 NM.

The offshore sailing experience from Thailand to Cambodia and back is only possible during the month of October and November whilst the transition from the south west to the north east monsoon is taking place. The next Thailand to Cambodia passages would be possible around March and April when the transition is changing again to south west monsoon.

Prices starting at 39.900 THB

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Ocean Hiker Mile building

Mile Building and Passage Making

sailing mile building in Thailand

After doing a lot of training and courses learning about sailing and boat handling every newborn sailor is itching to get on a longer real passage from A to B. These passages need a bit more preparation and skill than for day sailing or coastal cruising. So here you will find our passages available for you to join in to get the real feel and build up miles under your belt.

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